Chicken Feet Processing Machine


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Chicken Feet Processing Line

Belt conveyor-----Chicken Feet Spiral Scalding----Automatic Blanching machine----automatic chicken feet peeling machine----Chicken Feet Spiral Pre-cooling Machine----Automatic chicken feet dewater machine----Chicken feet cutting machine----Chicken feet packing

Chicken Feet Spiral Scalding Machine

Product Description I.About Product: Burning/Scalding Chicken Toes/Claws Machine is an indispensible equipment of chicken slaughtering line.                           Burning/Scalding Chicken Toes/Claws Machine is stainless  steel  and  ordinary carbon  steel two specifications, users can choose according to the truth.  There are many poultry slaughtering machines, including Cleaning/Peeling Claw Skin Machine, which are for many kinds […]

Chicken feet peeling machine

Chicken Feet Peeling Machine 1. Introduction: 1) chicken machine is used for chicken feet skin removing, and nail removing, fit for chicken feet food processing plant or factory, or used for hotel and restaurant, very advanced skill to remove skin and finger nail, durable and high output. 2) This Machine has two types, they are SL-300, and SL-600. The whole machine is made of stainless […]

Automatic chicken feet dewater machine

chicken house/automatic chicken feet dewater machine Usage: 1.Dewatering Machine is an indispensable equipment of poultry slaughtering factory 2.The machine is widely used in dewatering chicken feet in chicken feet processing line 3.Using the machine together with precooling machine can be more efficiency. Description : Material Food grade stainless steel Power 11w Weight 2500kg Size We can design as your requirement Drive ration 32 The Drum […]

Chicken feet cutting machine

  This Chicken Feet Cutting Machine is used to cut apart in poultry slaughter and processing line. After cutting apart, its can be better to follow-up process. This machine is adopted in wide range such as chicken, duck, goose, pigeon etc.   Features of Chicken Feet Cutting Machine 1.This chicken feet cutter is used to cut chicken claws. 2. It is belt conveyor type with higher efficiency. 3.Machine […]

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